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Farrokh Shayesteh

Senior Professor, Meio University, Japan

1986 M.F.A. University of California, Berkeley

1984 M.A. University of California, Berkeley

1982 B.F.A. University of Kansas

Selected Exhibitions:

There are 3 important series created during the past 30 years which have not been exhibited yet.

May 1983 Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City

June 1983 Springfield Museum, Springfield, Missouri

March 1984 Riverside Art Center and Museum, Riverside, California

April 1984 Worth Rider Gallery, Berkeley, California

December 1985 SFWA Gallery, San Francisco

April 1986 UC Development Center, Los Angeles

May 1986 University Art Museum, Berkeley, California

August 1987 ASPACAE, Kanazawa Japan

November 1989 University Art Gallery, Hayward, California

May 1991 Phillips University Art Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

July 1994 Kyoto International Hall, Japan

June 1999 Nago City Museum, Japan

November 1999 Tsukuba University Gallery, Japan

October 2000 Golestan Gallery,Tehran, Iran

February 2001 Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran

March 2002 Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran

June 2003 Urasoe Art Museum, Urasoe City, Japan

February 2004 Elahe Gallery, Tehran, Iran

April 2008 Meio University Gallery, Nago City, Japan

June 2011 Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia

December 2016 Okinawa Prefectural Museum, Naha City

Selected publications:

Persian Paradise And Comparative Elements in Eastern and Western Garden Design, 1995

Mimetic Art and Mass Culture in the West and in the East, 1996

Oriental and Occidental Influences: An Introduction to Comparative Art, 1997

Parallel Comparison: An Intuitive Form of Appreciating Art, 1997

Chinese and Japanese Gardens: Comparative Design Elements of Beijing and Kyoto Gardens, 2004

The esthetic function of water in Persian garden design, 2006

Transformation of Natural Elements in Persian Art: the Flora, 2007

The Vank Cathedral and the Influence of Persian Design: A Comparative Study, 2008

Transformation of Natural Elements in Persian Art, Part two: the Faunae, 2009

Shayesteh, Farrokh and Meghan Kuckelman. Shikina Garden in Image and Text, 2015